Wilkens Industries Inc.
184 South County Rd 22
Morris, MN 56267
(800) 833-6045
Manufacturer Of:
Walking Floors® / Live Floors / Tippers / Ejectors


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Wilkens has been manufacturing trailers since 1985, providing a wide variety of trailers to fit our customers needs. Whether you are looking for WALKING FLOOR® trailers, push-outs or tippers, Wilkens can custom build a trailer that will work for you. Wilkens offers the X Series Transfer Trailer. This patent design allows direct transfer into the trailer from the route truck with the use of a loading dock. A new innovative and effective approach to transporting solid waste in rural-remote areas, as well as inner cities, an inexpensive method to increase profits and reduce hauling expenses. Also check out our recycling trailers. If you do not find what you are looking for please give us a call.

WALKING FLOOR® is a Registered Trade Mark of Keith MFG. Madras, Oregon.