Wilkens Industries Inc.
184 South County Rd 22
Morris, MN 56267
(800) 833-6045
Manufacturer Of:
Walking Floors® / Live Floors / Tippers / Ejectors


Service Department Call 800-833-6045

Wilkens Industries, a Manufacturer of Transfer Trailers and Recycling Trailers, located in Morris Minnesota has a Service Bay ready to serve you. We specialize in repairing all makes and models of trailers and equipment. Our experienced crew of trailer technicians can perform any task from minor repairs to complete equipment restoration and refurbishing. Our professional service management team is here to provide you with expert guidance for all of your service / repair needs.

Call today for:

  • Installation of Walking Floor Systems (New or Used Trailers)
  • Open Top Conversions
  • Tarp Systems Installed
  • Complete Trailer Refurbishing
  • Hydraulic Repairs and Sales
  • Frame Work (Lengthening & Repair)
  • Pusher and Tag Axle Suspension
  • DOT Inspections